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About the Experience

Now that you're slightly familiar with Rocky Horror, you probably want to know what goes on in the theatre. What to do, what to say, what to wear?

Whatever you want! (Well, with a few exceptions.)

True, there are some commonly accepted phrases to yell, props to use, dances to do and costumes to wear, but it's really a place to be who you want to be. Still, here are some ideas:

Costumes: Lots of people will dress up like characters in the film. If you want some help, check out The Anal Retentive Costume List. But it's perfectly ok to just throw on your sluttiest lingerie, your most elaborate outfit, or just a pair of jeans, if that's what you're comfortable in. If your costume's really something, you might even get called up onstage to participate in our costume contest.


Callback lines: The things people scream. Yes, you got that right: here's a movie where you're encouraged to make noise. We love a good screamer. Just know that whenever Brad's name is mentioned, you should yell "ASSHOLE!" and when Janet's name is mentioned, you should yell "SLUT!" You'll see why.


Dancing: Everyone gets up and dances along when the Time Warp begins! Don't know how? It's pretty simple.

Time Warp

1. (It's just a) JUMP TO THE LEFT, with hands UP.
2. A STEP TO THE RIGHT (Time-Warper ANNETTE FUNICELLO suggests a very WIDE step.)
3. (With your hands on your HIPS) YOU BRING YOUR KNEES IN TIGHT.*
4. (Then) THE PELVIC THRUST (if repeated FIVE times, it nearly drives you insa-a-ane)
5. HIPSWIVEL (if not driven insa-a-ane by step four)

* Those with LIMB DISABILITIES may find it necessary to ALTER or DELETE this action, but NO EXCUSES for alterations to steps four and five.


Props: Certain events in the movie demand that props be thrown. Just don't throw them at the stage or the screen. Remember, if you're in the front, throw back. If you're in the back, throw front. And if you're in the middle, throw up. Make sure to bring:

Water pistolA SMALL water pistol (NOT a super soaker) to use when Brad and Janet walk in the rain.
NewspaperA newspaper to use when Janet does.
Toilet paperToilet paper to throw when Rocky's bandages are taken off.
ToastToast to throw when Frank proposes a toast.